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Samsung History

Unlike other electronic companies Samsung origins were not involving electronics but other products.

In 1938 the Samsung's founder Byung-Chull Lee set up a trade export company in Korea, selling fish, vegetables, and fruit to China. Within a decade Samusng had flour mills and confectionary machines and became a co-operation in 1951. Humble beginnings.

From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemicals and ship building throughout the 1970's. In 1969, Samsung Electronics was established producing what Samsung is most famous for, Televisions, Mobile Phones (throughout 90's), Radio's, Computer components and other electronics devices.

1987 founder and chairman, Byung-Chull Lee passed away and Kun-Hee Lee took over as chairman. In the 1990's Samsung began to expand globally building factories in the US, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and China until 1997.

In 1997 nearly all Korean businesses shrunk in size and Samsung was no exception. They sold businesses to relieve debt and cut employees down lowering personnel by 50,000. But thanks to the electronic industry they managed to curb this and continue to grow.

The history of Samsung and mobile phones stretches back to over 10 years. In 1993 Samsung developed the 'lightest' mobile phone of its era. The SCH-800 and it was available on CDMA networks.

Then they developed smart phones and a phone combined mp3 player towards the end of the 20th century. To this date Samsung are dedicated to the 3G industry. Making video,camera phones at a speed to keep up with consumer demand. Samsung has made steady growth in the mobile industry and are currently second but competitor Nokia is ahead with more than 100% increase in shares.

samsung mobile phones - Yahoo News Search Results
samsung mobile phones - Yahoo News Search Results

Samsung Profit Slumps on Stalling Smartphone Shipments

Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) posted the smallest quarterly earnings in more than two years as profit margins are squeezed by competition from Apple Inc.'s new iPhones and cheaper Chinese devices. Samsung faces the strongest challenge yet to its reign as the world's biggest smartphone maker with the iPhone 6 models winning customers in the large-screen market and Xiaomi Corp. and Lenovo Group ...

Big security flaw lets hackers remotely wipe Samsung phones

Samsung Android phones have been discovered to have a security flaw that allows hackers to remotely control a phone over the Internet, and perform several tasks including locking and unlocking the device, finding its location on a map, displaying a customized message on the screen, and even wiping it without the owner being able to do anything about it. Furthermore, the security flaw could be ...

Samsung phones vulnerable to hacking

A service designed to protect lost phones gives hackers a way in

Hackers Can Remotely Wipe Any Samsung Phone Using The ?Find My Mobile? Feature

Sidewalk Flying / Flickr, CC A security researcher has discovered a vulnerability in Samsung?s ?Find My Mobile? feature that could let hackers interfere with phones over the internet.  The Find My Mobile service lets Samsung customers track their devices, and lock or erase them if they get stolen. However, The Register reports that Mohamed Baset discovered that Samsung doesn?t properly check ...

Hackers can use the Samsung Find My Mobile feature to attack phones

Most smartphones now come with built-in tracking systems that allow users to remotely lock or wipe their phones if they're misplaced or stolen The feature intends to offer an extra bit of security to your handheld device, but hackers can exploit a flaw in Samsung's Find My Mobile system to execute denial-of-service attacks, according to the National Cyber Security Division, which is part of the ...

Samsung's Mobile Profit Sinks 74 Percent

Samsung's mobile business profit sinks 74 percent to lowest in more than 3 years

Samsung Q3 Profit Halves Amid Fall In Demand For Smartphones, Tablets

South Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. reported Thursday a profit for the third quarter that nearly halved from from last year, reflecting the continued drop in demand for its flagship Galaxy smartphones tablets amid stiff competition, partially offset by the improving performance in the chip business

Samsung eyes cheaper smartphones as profit plunges

Samsung plans to focus on cheaper smartphones and flexible displays for high-end phones after its third-quarter profit plummeted by nearly 50 percent amid intense competition from Chinese rivals making low-cost handsets. The low-end smartphone market is still growing rapidly, and the company aims to exploit the opportunity by improving cost competitiveness, said Kim Hyun-joon, the head of the ...

Samsung vows changes after mobile profit plunges

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) ? Samsung Electronics Co. admitted erring in its smartphone strategy and vowed Thursday to overhaul its handset lineup after profit from those devices tumbled last quarter to the lowest in more than three years.

Flaw allows attacker to remotely lock Samsung phones

No thanks to a new zero-day flaw in Samsung's "Find My Mobile" service, a Samsung phone user is at risk of his or her device being locked remotely by an attacker.

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