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Technical Definitions

3G - Short for Third Generation Cellular technology.

1G was the old analogue technology developed by individual European countries but was not compatible with each others. 2G was the network system known as GSM which was a European cellular network which was adopted by certain Asian and North American countries.

3G promises to make video conferencing/call practical through use of high speed data connection. This high speed connection will enable many more possibilities.

CDMA - Short for Code Division Multiple Access. A cellular type of network. Unlike other competing networks such as GSM, CDMA it has a higher user capacity and immune to interference.

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service. Is an add on to 2G technology (2.5G) which allows wirless devices to connect to WAP much faster than GSM could offer.

Not suitable to call with due to GPRS only being able to send out bursts of data but good to send MMS and email with.

GSM - Stands for Global System for Mobile Communications or Group Speciale Mobile.

The European cellular network researched from the early 1980's and was developed in 1991. GSM has become the most popular form of cellular network in the world featured in over 60 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

MMS - short for Multimedia Messaging Service.

Multimedia Media Messaging is where you can send messages containing text, sound or images to any compatible wireless device. You can also send email messages with MMS.

Monophonic - Is the 'old' type of mobile phone ringtone. Monophonic ringtones can only play a simple tune but on many Nokia handsets you can compose mono sounds.

Polyphonic - Is the more complex kind of mobile ringtone which is installed on many of the new handsets.

You can download many polyphonic ringtones on different wap/websites.

Ringtones - Is the sound that is played from your mobile handset when it has a incommning call.

SMS - Short for Short Messaging Service also known as text messaging. Sends a simple text message upto 160 characters.

WAP - Stands for Wireless Area Protocol. The set of the rules wireless devices surfs the Internet.


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